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Established in 1997, Huachang Technology keep providing high quality & low-cost software products & solutions, software customizing, outsourcing services to all customers with our advanced technologies.

Keeping abreast with domestic standards for proprietary intellectual property rights. Huachang has joined TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance (TDIA), Audio Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China, Internet of Vehicles Industry Innovation Alliance of Liaoning Province, Dalian Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, China NB-IoT Industry Alliance, China Smart City Industry Alliance and other organizations for standardization.

As for the evolution of IoT technology,we are focusing on the development of IoT-related products in recent years.Especially,with the fixation of NB-IoT protocol,we have completed our NB-IoT communication protocol software products, and we will go on to process the collaboration in NB-IoT chipset&terminal module development.

Huachang Technology will continue researching &applying the latest IoT- technologies and services to areas such as Public service,Intellectual industry&agriculture,Smart wearable devices,Smart home,etc.

Business Content

Software products and solutions:
● Huachang Technology is an independent mobile communication protocol stack soft- ware provider. We    can provide our customers with protocol software that match standard protocols*.These software support    multi-standard and can be applied on different platforms.(*Standard protocols: GSM/GSM-R/WCDMA/    TD-SCDMA /LTE/LTE-A/NB-IoT/satellite communication, etc.)
● Based on the mobile terminal and the Inter- net, it provides customers with enterprise management, data    analysis, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of things and other inter- connected products and solutions.

Customized software development and outsourcing services:
● With the high-level development team,in terms of development of various customized enterprise    applications(including SAP solutions),terminal software,automotive electronic products and protocol stack    software, Huachang provides customers with highly efficient,flexible,mature and economically efficient    products and solutions.
● At the same time it also can provide use and maintenance of various application systems,and testing    services of mobile terminals and automotive electronic products.

Development Course


Dairix Corporation was established


The embedded business began Dalian Huachang Computer Co., Ltd. was established


The Wireless communication protocol stack business began


3GPP Protocol Stack Software for WCDMA Mobile Phone developed independently was funded by National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Fund of Science and Technology


The application business facing to enterprises began


● 3GPP Protocol Stack Software for WCDMA Mobile Phone won the excellent software prize of Liaoning    Province and Dalian
● 3GPP Protocol Stack Software for WCDMA Mobile Phone was adopted by Japan's top operator
● Dalian Huachang Computer Co., Ltd. was renamed as Dalian Huachang Network&Communication    Technology Co.,Ltd.


The mobile terminal application software business began


Awarded the product prize of Software Independent Innovation in China


TD-SCDMA Protocol stack won the order of the world's top manufacturer


Anshan Huachang Technology Co.,Ltd. was established


Dairix Corporation was purchased by Huachang


● National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) was launched
● The company joined Internet of Vehicles Industry Innovation Alliance of Liaoning Province
● Dalian Huachang Network&Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.was changed and established a limited    liability company. It was renamed as Huachang Technology(Dalian)Co.,Ltd. ( Stock Code : 834221 )


● In June 2016, Huachang Technology reached a co-operation agreement with StarPoint to carry on the
   co-development of GSM-R terminal tester
● In August 2016, Huachang Technology strengthened the co-operation relationship with StarPoint by
  forming a strategic partnership, and decided to push the co-development of NB-IoT network tester ahead


● In January 2017, Huachang Technology has joined China NB-IoT Industry Alliance
● In February 2017, Huachang Technology has joined China Smart City Industry Alliance